Monday, June 17, 2024

77-year-old man dies in a lodging in Mwala, Machakos County

A 77-year-odld man is reported dead as discovered in a lodging in Mwala, Machakos County as confirmed by the police.

The elderly man had booked the lodging where he was in the company of a 32-year-old woman after he collapsed and passed away.

The Saturday incident was confirmed immediately after the man had booked the room before the woman rushed to the reception saying that has gasping for air.

The police who later arrived at the scene found the man naked and unconscious before confirming he had indeed passed away. Upon further search, they found 24 tablets of sexual boosters.

Before his death, the man had already consumed four of the tablets as empty sachets were found at the scene by the police.

The unidentified was questioned by the police before she was released as an autopsy is set to be conducted to reveal the cause of death.

Kenyans have been warned against the use of sexual boosters as the exercise has led to many similar deaths in the country.

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