Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bianca exposed as a man by the name Wilberforce Karani

Popular blogger known as Bianca Naomi has been accused of catfishing when he is a man going by the name Wilberforce Karani.

The details were exposed by Tweeps who noted that she stole her profile picture from one Hassatou Aisha Diallo as shared on Twitter.

“This loud mouth us a Wilberforce Karani masquerading as a Bianca Naom1. Wakora tumewashika balls,” said Akbas Omondi

Akbas went ahead to attach the photos as used by the true owner Hassatou Aisha Diallo who is reported to have filed a complaint over the illegal use of his photo on social media but to no avail.

In her defence, Bianca shared her number calling on those doubting her to try it.

Other Twitter users have also called on her to provide more proof that she is a woman and not a man so as to end the discussion.

“Hio argument ya a female can not tweet how Bianca tweets isn’t good, most females don’t tweet like that but there is always exceptions. You can be a good writer but a bad speaker. She needs to provide more proof that she isn’t a pseudo but we can’t use hizo arguments to judge,” said Eve Maina

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