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Carrefour supermarket receives negative feedback from Kenyans

Retail chain store Carrefour has received a number of negative reviews from Kenyans over its products and services.

A customer by the name Wordslinger received the wrong goods and efforts to have the correct ones delivered failed.

“Hey Carrefour do you read messages here anymore??? Do you even care??? I paid for goods to be delivered to me, your people brought the wrong stuff, said they were going to bring the correct ones, and that was it! That was 5pm. What is wrong with you people, really????

Anyway. If you guys Carrefour are done with good service, let us know we adjust accordingly. There’s still Naivas and the rest trying to fill this gap & grab your share. If you prefer to refund my money make sure you refund plus delivery fee as I got nothing after paying!” said Wordslinger

Another customer complained that the prices on the shelf of the supermarket are different from what are at the cashier.

“Products posted at the shelves are very much different from price you’ll get at the cashier!” said MIchael

Recently a customer noted that the milk she bought from the supermarket tasted different from that from the shop and that the packages were also different when it is the same product.

“So yesterday I got some deliveries from carrefour including milk. But the milk had a weird taste. I bought milk this morning from local shop and guys. Wtf! Frame 1 is from carrefour with the weird taste and frame 2 is from local shop which tastes okay. What’s the real packaging?” said Kira

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