Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Gov’t to import yellow maize to combat high cost of living

President William Ruto has on Friday confirmed that the government is planning to import yellow maize to combat the high cost of living.

The head of State was speaking during the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) National Governing Council where he said that Treasury has already a budget to fund the exercise but he did not go into details.

“Sehemu ingine tumekubaliana katika budget tumepitisha ya kwamba tutakuwa tunaagiza yellow maize duty free na tumekubaliana na wizara ya kwamba tunataka kupunguza gharama ya chakula ya mifugo yetu,” said President Ruto

Already the government had cut down the price of fertilizer in the country in order to boost crop farming and in turn increase the country’s harvest. Both the President and his deputy noted that through affordable fertilizer can the country end food shortages.

On Friday, the President noted that there are plans to also reduce the cost of other farm inputs including seeds as only through that can the government reduce the high cost of living.

“Bali na kupunguza gharama ya mbolea saa hizi tunashugulikia gharama za mbegu zingine so that we can begin the journey to reduce the cost of living because it is the pragmatic way kupunguza gharama ya maisha.” said the President

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