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Comedian Mtumishi and mother reconnected

Former Churchill show comedian Gilbert Barasa aka Mtumishi has apologized to his mother following his recent public remarks.

The show organized by Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Japanni saw the mother to the comedian decline his request but requested to have a sit down with him in the presence of his family members.

“Kwa nini alinipeleka akaniweka kwa ulimwengu mzima? Sitaki kuongea na yeye saa hii! Kama anataka tuongee, akuje nyumbani tuongee mbele ya watu wetu!” said the mother

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Mtumishi was quoted accusing her mother of using black magic especially on his father and that the two have not met eye to eye for years. In response to the claims, the mother still challenged him for a proper sit down.

“Kama alisema mimi ni mchawi, basi akuje atoe hayo manyoka. Kama mimi ni mchawi, hata yeye ni mchawi. Wachana na hizo, sitaki kuongea. Kama ni kuzungumza, ni mbele ya wazazi wangu na ndugu zangu, akuje tuongee, sitaki kuongea sasa,” she said

According to the comedian, he has never found a proper ground to discuss the issue but at the church, a move that has been called out by his father.

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