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CS Soipan Tuya’s husband breaks silence over children upkeep

Former Narok MCA and estranged husband to Environmental CS Soipan Tuya, Stephen Kudate has broken his silence over the ongoing child custody drama.

According to the Star, the MCA revealed that they underwent all traditional rites but the CS left her matrimonial home in 2022 after landing the government job.

He denied allegations of neglecting their children insisting that even though he is jobless at the moment, he has been their for his family.

“As the head of the family, I was a man of means who provided adequately, and she knows that I am jobless, but with the little I have, I effectively play my parental role,” he said

Kudate accused the CS of planning to frustrate him international just like she did to her first husband who he accused her of ditching him after educating her.

“I have taken care of her. She is out to frustrate me and wreck my life just as she did to the first husband from Kajiado, who took her for her Masters degree in Law in the United States after which she abandoned and dumped him,” he said

He further accused the CS of neglecting their children due to her busy schedule and instead accustomed them to people who are not a father figure including the driver and house helps.

“Her myriad of local and international trips are subjecting the children to loneliness and neglect. They lack parental care and guidance and a father figure as they have been forced to live with strangers, drivers, house helps and relatives because she has scarce time with them,” he said

The former Majority leader revealed that CS Soipan Tuya agreed to marry him despite having full knowledge that he had another wife.

The news come at a time when CS has filed for child upkeep of their two children amounting to Ksh 3.1 million a year.

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