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CS Soipan Tuya moves to court over Ksh 525K children upkeep

Environment CS Soipan Tuya has moved to court seeking custody of her children and demand a Ksh 525,000 upkeep from her husband.

According to court papers seen by the Star, the CS noted that her estranged husband has been cruel towards their two children and domestic staff.

She continued by saying that she has suffered both emotional and verbal abuse in the hands of her husband Stephen Kudate thus the need for a full custody of their children.

“Owing to his abusive and erratic nature, we have been living in mortal fear for our lives,” said the CS

The CS through the court is seeking to have the husband to pay Ksh 225,000 which comprises of 50% of the children’s school fees which is Ksh 450,000.

In addition to that, the husband should pay Ksh 100,000 which is 50% of the Children’s Ksh 200,000 entertainment needs and a further Ksh 100,000 which is 50% of the Children’s Ksh 200,000 maintenance needs.

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