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Court denies bail Rwandese driver in Londiani accident

The court has denies bail Rwandese truck driver involved in the deaths of 53 people at Londiani citing that he is a flight risk.

52-year-old Philbert Mutuyemugu’s plea for a bail was turned down by Molo Court citing that he could likely not attend court sessions once released.

“In the face of this magnitude of charges where among them, Mutuyemugu is facing not just one but 53 charges of causing death by dangerous driving, I am persuaded that the likelihood of him absconding trial is true,’’ said Margistrate Elena Nderitu

According to Margistrate Elena Nderitu, the nature of charges before the court are quite heavy considering that there was mass killing and careless driving that could attract life impronmnet.

She continued by taking note that no relative of the driver has ever been able to visit him in hospital after the accident.

“Since the incident occurred on June 30, this year, no kin or employer paid him a visit at the hospital facility where he was admitted after sustaining serious injuries,” she said

The court also heard that the Rwandese driver lacked any physical address in Kenya where he could be traced if released on bail thus the need to detain him until when the case is heard and determined.

Philbert Mutuyemugu is facing 90 charges following the deadly accident at Londiani where over 50 people died and 25 sustained injuries after the brakes of the truck he was driving failed ramming into several cars, pedestrians and business people.

He however pleaded guilty to the charges and requested the court to release him on bail so as to visit his family back at home in Rwanda.

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