Monday, June 17, 2024

Court of Appeal declines to issue interim orders on Finance Act 2023

The Court of Appeal has on Thursday declines to issue interim orders to lift the suspension of the controversial Finance Act 2023.

According to the court, the say orders as issued by High Court Judge Hon. Thande will remain in place until when the case is heard and determined on 28th July, 2023.

Already Cheif Justice Martha Koome had instituted a three bench Judge to deliberate on the matter before a verdict is read.

The government expressed its disappointment with the orders citing that they are losing out a lot in term of payments.

Opposition through their lawyer told the court that the previous law is still ongoing and a such the government is still receiving its income as it has always been.

Kenyans have been angered by the government in passing the Finance Act 2023 as it will only increase further the cost of living through taxation.

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