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Court orders former Nairobi County finance boss to forfeit Ksh 114M cash

The Court of Appeal has ordered former Nairobi County finance boss to forfeit Ksh 114 million cash and 7 prime properties back to the government.

The recovery case filled by EACC revealed that Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba and his wife illegally acquired the unexplained assets.

“The Court of Appeal has dismissed two appeals filed by former Nairobi County Chief Finance Officer Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba and his wife in a recovery case where EACC wanted the couple’s corruptly acquired multimillion assets forfeited to the Government of Kenya.

The assets are believed to be proceeds of corruption perpetuated by Kiamba at the Nairobi County Government. Delivering judgement on Friday, Court of Appeal Justices Dr. Laibuta, Ali-Aroni and J. Mativo ordered Kiamba and his wife to pay or forfeit to the Government of Kenya Kes. 113,893,743 being the unexplained cash held in multiple bank accounts, and further, forfeit or pay the current market value of 7 prime properties acquired through corruption.

The properties to be forfeited include:

1) L.R. NO. 209/12742;

2) Skyrock Apartments, Block B, Unit 11 L.R. No.330/317;

3) Apartment No. B1 Block B, Pritt Lane Court 2 on L.R. No. 2/699, Lease No.127012/1;

4) Apartment No. B5 Block B, Pritt Lane, Court 3 on L.R. No. 330/1310, Lease No. I.R.136088/1

5) Apartment No. B8 Block A, Pritt Lane – Court 3 on L.R. No. 330/1310 Lease No. 136089/1;

6) L.R. No. 7785/605 (original No. 7785/10/430) I.R. 56556; and

7) L.R. No. 7785/818 (Original 7785/10/55).

Kiamba had moved to the Court of Appeal after the High Court (Hon. Lady Justice Ong’udi) concurred with EACC that he was in possession of unexplained assets worth Kes. 317 million.

Investigations established huge disparities between his assets and his known legitimate sources of income prompting EACC to file the forfeiture case when he failed to explain the source of the assets.” said EACC

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