CS Moses Kuria launches Siaya Industrial Park

Trade CS Moses Kuria has on Thursday launched Siaya County Aggregation and Industrial park (CAIP) in the company of Governor James Orengo and Senator Oburu Odinga.

“Today during the launching of Siaya County Aggregation and Industrial park (CAIP), I continued with my countrywide sensitization of the leadership and the people of Siaya county led by my long time friend H.E.Governor Orengo James and Senator, Dr. Oburu Oginga on how we can improve the welfare of our people.” said the CS

According to the CS, the Kenya Kwanza development agenda has no boundaries and will cover all counties to ensure that they have enough production for investors to export.

“Development has no boundaries and the Kenya Kwanza Government will continue developing all parts of this country equally.

Together with the county Governments across the country,and in the spirit of devolution, we will ensure all counties have the capability and the capacity to produce and distribute all the seedlings their respective farmers require for maximum production and ensure when the investors come into this country, they will have enough to export.” said CS Moses Kuria

Kuria took note of cotton production is in Siaya County that can be utilized to ensure production of handbags instead of relying of second hand clothes in the country.

“It’s a shame that we continue importing both new and second hand clothes into our country, 60 years since we got our independence.

The hardworking people of Siaya county and the region at large, have the capacity to clothe this country from their cotton farming, get shoes, handbags and belts from the byproducts of fish and others for export if only we facilitate wholly these Kenyans.” said Kuria

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