CS Moses Kuria apologizes over reckless fuel remarks

Investments, Trade & Industry CS Moses Kuria has apologized over his reckless fuel prices remarks made on social media and on live televesion.

The CS noted that the apology follows an advice from Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale and his master that the statements were incorrect, insensitive and arrogant.

“Dear Kenyans. On Friday 15th September I made some comments indicating that the price of fuel is likely to go up in the coming months owing to global dynamics. I have since been advised by people like Dr Boni Khaleale and his master that the statement was incorrect, insensitive and ARROGANT.

I am made to now understand that the price will come down. I apologise profusely since to err is human,” said the CS

For a over a week, the trade CS has taken over social media confirming that the prices of fuel will definitely hike every month by Ksh 10 up to February next year due to global prices of the precious commodity.

“Global Crude Prices are on an upward trajectory. For planning purposes expect pump prices to go up by Ksh 10 every month till February.” said the CS

In a separate message, the CS noted that the prices of fuel will hit Ksh 260 by February next year and that is the truth.

““I repeat. Petrol will be 260 Ksh by February. And El Nino is coming in 3 weeks that will last till March. These are global and climate change driven. Responsible leaders ought to tell the truth to prepare the people. You can throw stones at me all you want,” said the CS

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