Billy Chemirmir, Kenyan accused of killing 22 women killed in the US

Billy Chemirmir, a Kenyan who had been accused of killing 22 elderly women in the US has been killed inside the prison.

According to reports, the 50-year-old was killed by a fellow convict serving murder charges inside his cell on Tuesday morning.

A report from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokeswoman Hannah Haney confirmed that he indeed died inside his cell but could not provide further details into how he was killed and what cell he was in.

Chemirmir moved to the US back in the 90’s and settled in Texas together with his wife who is from Eldama Ravine but had gained American citizenship.

It was until a 91-year-old woman was killed that the detectives launched manhunt of her killer. It was discovered that it was the 50-year-old who had committed the crime and was trying to dispose a gold chain he had stolen.

Trial into his crimes of killing 14 other people, it was discovered that they were 8 more victims who he all killed using a pillow after posing as a maintenance personnel.

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