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DCI appeals to victims of John Matara to record statement

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has appealed to victims of John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of socialite Scarlet Wahu to record statements.

“As probe into the gruesome murder of 26-year-old socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi heightens with the prime suspect John Matara in police custody, the DCI appeals to any victims and survivors of the suspect’s animosity, to formally report their ordeals at Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi or the nearest police station.” said DCI

The body of Wahu was discovered after the watchman at Papino Apartments located in Nairobi’s South B raised an alarm after seeing the suspect leaving with blood socked clothes.

“Wahu’s body was discovered Thursday morning at a 4th floor AirBnB room Y32 of Papino Apartments located in Nairobi’s South B, after the watchman reported seeing the male suspect flee with bloodstained clothes.

The female owner of the BnB who had let it out to Starlet and Matara for a night used a spare key to unlock the house which had been locked from the outside, only to stumble on the horrifying scene of the deceased’s body sprawled on the floor.

Makadara detectives who were alerted rushed to the scene to find the young woman’s body soaked in a pool of flood, lying midway from the bed towards the main door an indication of an attempt and struggle to call for help.” said DCI

34-year-old John Matara was arrested at Mbagathi Hospital where he was seeking treatment in the company of his friend who was also arrested.

“John Matara, 34 would later be traced to Mbagathi Hospital where he was seeking treatment for slight arm and leg injuries. He was arrested alongside his 25-year-old friend Anthony Nyongesa who was helping him at the hospital and escorted to Industrial Area Police Station.

The investigations currently point to a possible serial sexual offender who thrives on blackmail to his victims, and who may be part of a criminal ring that targets women on dating sites and other social media Apps.” said DCI

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