Sunday, May 26, 2024

Donald Trump booed on stage while promoting a $399 sneakers 

Former US President Donald Trump received a hostile crowd as he was booed on stage as he promoted a $399 sneakers.

Trump was on stage promoting his branded sneakers at the “Sneaker Con” where he termed them as “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth.”

The incident at Philadelphia Convention Center follows court order to pay $355 million in penalties following a successful New York civil fraud trial that was ruled against him.

In a separate video, the Republican front runner in the upcoming elections could be seen receiving praise from a section of those in attendance as he waved the gold sneakers with an American flag detail at the back of it.

“Wow, lot of emotion. There’s a lot of emotion in this room,” said Trump as heard from videos shared on social media.

He also called out those booing him as not only an attack on him but to all Americans. “These repulsive abuses of power are not just an attack on me, they’re really an attack on you and all Americans.” he said

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