Monday, June 17, 2024

Donald Trump wins New Hampshire Republican primary election

Former US President Donald Trump has won New Hampshire Republican primary election as projected by CNN, Associated Press and Fox News.

Trump defeated fellow Republican and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Harley with 54.3 percent of the votes against 44.7 percent. As at the time of the call, 19 percent of the votes had been tallied.

Even though the New Hampshire election was expected to be a close one, Donald Trump has always been considered the favourite to scoop it.

CNN last week conducted a poll among Republicans to know if they associate themselves with the MAGA movement and they said no as 64 percent of them opposed it compared to 32 percent that agreed.

Nikki Harley on the other hand claims to be the best candidate to beat incumbent President Joe Biden saying Republicans need new leadership given its losses in recent years.

Even after the election was called by CNN, Harley congratulated the former President but reminded him that he was in the race for the long haul.

“This race is far from over,” she said. “There are dozens of states left to go.”

According to the former UN ambassador under Donald Trump administration, a win for him is an easy opportunity for Biden to win and Kamala Harris to clinch presidency. Nikki has now challenged Trump for a debate.

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