Friday, July 19, 2024

Volume’ on Netflix Gains Traction, Elevating Industry Standards

The Kenyan film industry leaps forward with Netflix’s ‘Volume,’ a series directed by Tosh Gitonga, released on December 20, 2023. The music drama has become a talking point, showcasing substantial growth.

Following the journey of a gifted young musician navigating dubious paths in pursuit of dreams, ‘Volume’ promises an engaging experience, backed by Tosh Gitonga’s directorial expertise, renowned for ‘Nairobi Half-Life’ on Netflix.

The series, featuring fresh faces, breathes life into characters, creating a relatable bond with the audience. Yet, the premature demise of certain characters leaves viewers craving more insight into their backgrounds and motivations.

‘Volume’ earns acclaim for its overall appeal, deemed a worthwhile watch. Viewers express a desire for deeper dives into supporting cast histories, seeking a profound understanding of their journeys into crime or peculiar behaviours.

Despite minor drawbacks, ‘Volume’ secures a commendable 3.5 over 5-star rating, affirming its status as a quality watch. The positive response heightens anticipation for a potential second season, with expectations for a more in-depth exploration of character narratives.

As ‘Volume’ continues to command attention, it underscores the evolution of Kenyan storytelling on the global stage. This marks a significant stride for the local entertainment industry, affirming its presence in the international arena.

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