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‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Actor Gary Graham Passes Away

Actor Gary Graham, renowned for his role in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” passed away on Monday at the age of 73. The news was confirmed by his ex-wife, Susan Lavelle, through a heartfelt Facebook post. Lavelle shared that Gary’s wife, Becky Hopkins, was with him during his final moments.

Expressing deep sadness, Lavelle wrote, “It is with deep profound sadness to say that Gary Graham, my ex-husband, amazing actor and father of our beautiful only child together, Haylee Graham, has passed away today. We are completely devastated, especially our daughter Haylee.”

Born in Long Beach, California, Graham had a prolific career, featuring in over 40 movies and playing over 38 TV roles. Early in his career, he starred in the 1980 CBS mini-series “Scruples” and portrayed a “hitman” on the television show “Moonlighting” alongside Bruce Willis.

In addition to his acting career, Graham was a musician, contributing to bands such as The Gary Graham Garage Band, The Gary Graham Band, and The Sons of Kirk. He also held a role as a contributor to Breitbart News.

Gary Graham, a versatile talent, breathed his last in Spokane, Washington, leaving behind a legacy of significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

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