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Daughter disowns mother’s claim during fight for Nyachae’s share

There has emerged a new twist in a case where a woman claiming a share of Nyachae’s wealth after he daughter disowned her claims saying she is not the daughter of the former Kisii politician.

Margaret Chweya the woman claiming share of the late politician’s wealth wants her three children also included as beneficiaries of the Ksh 2 billion estate.

According to the woman, she was married to the late politician under customary laws back in 1973 and that they had three children together namely Chweya Rodney David, John Paul Chweya and Patricia Chweya.

The statement was however different on Tuesday after the daughter claimed that he does not exit in her life and that her real names are Patricia Moraa Odero.

She continued by claiming that one George Gordon Odero is her real father as proved by a DNA test conducted and that she is not part of her mother’s inclusion in the matter before court.

“Yes, she approached me on March 2, 2022 about what she wanted to do but I didn’t give my authority to institute this suit. She asked for my signature but I refused and told her I don’t feel comfortable,” she said.

The case filed by the woman Margaret Chweya at the High Court in 2022 claims that she is acting on behalf of her three children.

Patricia now claims she was born on December 19, 1987 in the US with George Odero being her father and Margaret Chweya being her mother as proved through documents.

The news comes at a time when the Nyachae’s family claims no connection between them, Margaret and her children. Through their lawyer George Muchiri, the family claims that the woman was married to four different men and never was she married to the late politician.

Out of the four men Jacob Machuki Mokaya and Michael Pondo Migowa lived in the country as George Gordon Odero and James Leroy Totten lived in the US when they were married to her.

She has however denied the claims but confirmed there was indeed a marriage of convenience between her and Leroy Totten.

Patricia confirmed before the court that she was brought up by Mr. Odero and that she has not communicated with her mother for the longest time now even though she does wish her well.

“I still love her no matter how distant we are and I even pray for her but that doesn’t mean I support everything she does. I’m not bitter and there is no vendetta in this,” said Patricia during a virtual hearing from the US

Hearing of the case continues.

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