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DP Gachagua calls out area MP for defying national gov’t orders

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has called out his area MP Eric Wamumbi for going against orders from the national government.

Speaking on Sunday from Nyeri County, the second in command accused the MP of instructing police officers to re-open bars in the area.

He continued by giving an example of a young man he found lying by the ditch due to drug abuse as he promised to deal with police officers who are taking orders from the legislator.

“When I started hearing last week that some people started interfering with that work, I heard that our local MP had directed the security officers in Karatina purporting on orders from above to reopen our bars.

First, an MP cannot instruct security officers and if the security officers are taking orders from this region taking instructions from an MP, we shall discipline them.

To my shock, I came last night. This morning, as I was walking around the village, I came face to face with what I knew a year ago. I found some young men at 6:00 am in the trenches drunk which means some bars have been reopened.

I have never missed a Cabinet meeting and there is no decision that has been made by the Cabinet to stop the war against illicit brew. The last meeting I chaired 10 days ago is on course. One of the most successful interventions that has made people happy with the Government of Ruto was the war against illicit brew.” he said

The Deputy President has who has been fighting illicit drinks in Mt. Kenya has faced challenges from business people but vowed to keep on the fight to save the young generation.

“Illicit brews are killing our children. The youth are sleeping in trenches. We were staring at losing an entire generation. That is why the Government issued tough directives against Illicit brews, drugs, and substance abuse. We are not fighting businesses, that are selling legitimate liquor.

I was not born in the seat of the Deputy President. If I lose politically for stopping poison packaged as alcohol being sold to our children, so be it. There is no pride in leading a drunken nation. There is no pride in leading people who cannot work, and without dignity.” he said

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