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EABL denies deploying dirty tricks against African Originals

The East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has denied allegations that it deployed dirty tricks against African Originals.

African Originals who are the producers of Kenyan Originals have accused EABL of being behind the woes they are facing in the country and in the industry.

They accused the Diageo subsidiary of spreading false information that their products cause health problems and have even recruited influencers to further spread the allegations even further.

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They continued by saying that EABL has been able to convince supermarkets not to display their products on there shelves.

Through a statement, EABL noted that the allegations are false, defamatory and lack evidence as it goes against their policy.

“We do not condone such behaviour within our business by any of our third-party partners or employees. Our commitment to ethical business practices and fair competition remains unwavering and is enshrined in our clear internal policies about how we engage our partners -including influencers – who must follow and/or be in line with any local laws,” they said

African Originals has been requested to retract the allegations as EABL vows to defend its reputation.

“EABL will vigorously defend its position and take all necessary steps to protect its reputation and the trust of our customers, consumers, and all other stakeholders,”  they said

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