Sunday, April 21, 2024

EACC recommends prosecution of Taita Taveta MCAs over Ksh 7M theft

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Authority (EACC) has recommended prosecution of several Taita Taveta MCAs over Ksh 7 million graft case.

The MCAs are accused of defrauding the taxpayer’s kitty during their bonding and merry making meeting in Zanzibar using the public funds.

“In the EACC 4th Quarterly Report published on Friday, 2 out of the 24 files recommending prosecution of suspects relate to the County Government of Taita Taveta where the County Assembly leadership and MCAs defrauded the taxpayer by undertaking a bonding and merry-making trip to Zanzibar on public funds amounting to over Kes.7M.

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Some MCAs were overpaid while others who received allowances for the journey did not travel.” said EACC

At the same time, several senior county officials are accused of embezzling ksh 4 million meant for the World War 1 celebrations in the county.

“In the second case, Senior County Executive Officials embezzled over Kes.4M in purported celebrations for World War I. Besides the prosecution of suspects, EACC will pursue recovery of the lost funds.” said EACC

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