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EACC recovers prime gov’t property in Nairobi, South B area

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has recovered a prime government property in Nairobi, South B area.

According to the commission, a lands official allocated himself and his wife the property back in 1999 through their private company.

“Following a landmark Judgement of the Environment and Land Court in Nairobi, EACC is executing the court orders and declarations that revoked the title to a Government house together with the land it stands on, which a Ministry of Lands Official fraudulently allocated to himself and his wife in Nairobi South B area, in 1999 through their private company, Gefrea Agencies.” said EACC

George Fred Onyango (deceased) and his wife Valeria Akuku through their associate Sammy Musila sold the piece of land to one George Kimani Njuki who is the current owner for years.

George who is now considered as a trespasser has been issued a 45 days notice to vacate the land and neither should his servant or agents continue doing any dealing with the land except transfer back to the government.

“In the Court Judgement delivered on 23 December 2023, Justice A. Amollo of the Environment and Land Court declared George Kimani Njuki a trespasser in the said property and ordered him to vacate within 45 days failure to which EACC will be at liberty to evict him by any lawful means.

Former Commissioner of Lands Sammy Mwaita who facilitated the fraudulent transactions was ordered to pay all the costs of the suits. The Court noted that although the Lands Commissioner acted in the course of his official duties, his terms of employment did not include acting contrary to the law.

The Court issued a permanent injunction restraining Njuki, his servants, tenants and agents from any further trespass or dealings in the property, except by way of surrender to the Government.” said EACC

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