Friday, May 24, 2024

Shauri Moyo police arrested by EACC detectives over corruption

Peter Naib a traffic police officer based in Sahuri Moyo has been arrested by EACC detectives over corruption.

Naibei is accused of arresting a motorist for not having a valid motor vehicle insurance and demanded a bribe so as to release the vehicle unconditionally.

Not moved by the demands, the motorist moved to EACC offices whose officers mounted an operation to arrest the accused officer.

On Thursday night, Naibei was arrested by the detectives and moved to the commission’s offices where he recorded a statement before he is charged with bribery charges.

Confirming the incident was EACC Spokesperson Eric Ngumbi who noted that the commission has mounted a sting operation on highways to ensure that corrupt offices do not take advantage of the holiday season.

It has also been noted that some motorists flaunt traffic rules as they are sure that they will have their way through bribes.

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