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Raila wants Azimio distanced from high cost of living

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga now wants Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition distanced from the high cost of living affecting many Kenyans.

Speaking in Migori on Friday, the ODM party leader noted that the issue of the high cost living lies with the government which is tasked with lowering it and make things affordable for Kenyans.

He continued by saying that their work as the opposition is to keep them in check and that it was not there fault that they failed to agree on the issue.

“The cost of living is not the responsibility of the Opposition; it is the responsibility of the government in power. We have the responsibility of keeping them in check and to tell them Kenyans demand the cost of living to be lowered.

During the talks, our delegation made it very clear that they were not happy with what Kenya Kwanza was doing in refusing to reduce taxes on commodities like fuel and VAT on a number of food items.” said Raila

The former Prime Minister however promised to push the government to lower the cost of living and remind them that Kenyans are tired.

We will continue to keep them in check and we will not tire in telling them that Kenyans are suffering and that the donkey is no longer tired but has fallen,” he said

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