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Kenyans angered by David Ndii’s reply to Pauline Njoroge

A section of Kenyans have been angered by Economic Advisor David Ndii following his reply on blogger Pauline Njoroge.

Initially, Pauline Njoroge had posed to question the government stand on fuel prices comparing the current cost per barrel without the subsidy to the price of fuel during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s era.

According to the blogger, the cost of fuel as at now should be Ksh 89.90 and not the current prices causing the high cost of living.

“If in early June 2022 when crude oil was going for $122 per barrel the pump price in Kenya was Ksh 159 per litre of petrol, how much should the same cost right now when crude oil is going for $69 per barrel? $122 = Ksh 159 $69=?” she said

The post did not sit well with Ndii who referred to her as a ‘Bimbo’ who was inspecting ceilings as the former President looted public coffers.

“Bimbo wouldn’t know while she was inspecting ceilings Uhuru was blowing holes through national finances propping up fake prosperity. Sh100b+ fuel subsidies, $2.5b+ propping up shilling. Party over. I saw Ledama Ole Kina wondering why Karen property prices are falling. Bado.” said Ndii

The post did not sit well with Kenyans who called on the economic advisor to answer the question without attacking a woman terming it a weak move from a man especially of his calibar.

“When weak men can’t explain themselves or have a substantive response to an issue raised by a woman, they resort to sexual innuendos. Its an age old trick to intimidate and shame women, so as to shut them up.

I have seen David Ndii argue with men. He has never introduced bedroom matters into those arguments. Its appalling that a presidential advisor, a public servant who is paid by tax payers can result to this form of violence against women in order to deflect attention from the matters at hand.

The administration he serves rose to power through a campaign promise to lower the cost of fuel. As Kenyan citizens we have a right to question why the opposite has been happening yet global fuel prices have been on a downward trend for several monthw now.

They say Uhuru’s fuel was cheaper because there was subsidy. But subsidy on petrol was 20 bob meaning even if it was added to the consumer, pump price would have been Ksh 179 bob, not 217.

Not to forget that Ruto’s 217 was subsidised, though they like using an alternative term for subsidy. Meanwhile, Ndii and his cronies should know that neither sexual insults nor arrests will cower me.” said Pauline Njoroge

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