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Fafi MP Salah Yakub allegedly assaulted at Nyayo House

Fafi MP Hon. Salah Yakub has raised serious allegations of being assaulted at Nyayo House as he was seeking government services.

Taking on social media, Yakub noted that police officers at the facility are mishandling the general public and that he was a victim as he was roughed up and assaulted sustaining injuries on his left foot and arm.

“Hon. Kithure Kindiki, IPOA Kenya very unfortunate that police officers at Nyayo house are mishandling the general public and today I fell a victim, Roughed up and seriously assaulted. Sustained injuries at my left foot and arm.” said the Legislator.

He continued by reporting one policewoman who he accused of collecting money from the Kenya Somalis who applied for passport in order to access the building.

“There is a policewoman heading the security there. She collects money from Kenya Somalis who applied for Passport in order for them to access the premises and she verily mishandled most NEP MPs. Am the 6th mp to be humiliated by that contingent. Waziri take action!.” said the MP

Responding to the allegation was Nairobi Regional Police Commander Adamson Bungei who promised to investigate the allegations as he condemned public shaming of police officers on social media.

“We need to hear from both sides. What we are seeing is a post accusing an officer who probably was doing her work,” he said.

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