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Two fake immigration officers a Nyayo House arrested by EACC

EACC detectives have arrested two fake immigration officers at Nyayo House extorting money from unsuspecting clients seeking services.

The two suspects Patrick Kizengwa Kilaya and Billy Kidula Adingo were arrested after swindling a Norwegian national Ksh 370,000 in the pretext that they will secure his Kenyan work permit and other important documents.

“EACC on Thursday arrested two suspects namely Patrick Kizengwa Kilaya and Billy Kidula Adingo who were impersonating immigration officers at Nyayo House and extorting money from persons seeking services such as passports and work permits.

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The two were arrested after soliciting Kes.370,000 from a Norwegian National pretending that they were in a position to assist him in securing a Kenyan work permit and other immigration documents within minutes, so long as he gave them the money.

The complainant reported the matter to EACC which mounted an operation and arrested the suspects while receiving the amount. They will be arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Court next week.” said EACC

At the same time, the agency is investigating immigration officers at Nyayo House accused of working with the imposters to fraudulently issue the documents.

“Similarly, the Commission is investigating allegations that some Immigration Officials at Nyayo House are colluding with impostors to irregularly and fraudulently issue immigration documents. Any individual found culpable will be dealt with in accordance with the law.” said EACC

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