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Five arrested as contraband milk powder recovered in Eastleigh

As the crackdown on contraband milk powder intensifies, five more suspects have been arrested and the commodity recovered in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

“As the crackdown on contraband milk products continues, five more suspects have been arrested today at Eastleigh in Nairobi and several recoveries made.

This followed an undercover operation by DCI officers tasked to flush out identified criminal syndicates releasing substandard and harmful products to the market, illegal ventures that not only cause unfair competition with genuine sellers but also put consumers’ health on the line.” said DCI

A notorious broker identified as Abdullahi Mohamed led the sell of 50 bags of the milk powder each weighing 25Kg at a price of Sh16,300/= per bag but the deal was to be sealed if the undercover detectives paid the remaining amount of the agreed Sh815,000.

“The officers who were only armed with a “down-payment” requested the then furious sellers to let them get the balance, finding a chance to call in the action team that apprehended the suspects and seized the consignment which was actually short of the agreed load. Said Ali Yussuf, Abdinoor Rashid Mulsal, Abdullahi Mohamed (broker), Abdirizack Said Ali and Ahmed Abdirizak Adan await arraignment Monday 8.

The exhibits seized at the store include 14 bags each weighing 25Kg full of cream milk powder branded FRESH DAIRY product of Brookside Uganda covered in sacks (packaging in deplorable condition), 77 containers each weighing 800gm of APTAMIL breast milk product of United Kingdom (some of the milk powder containing fungi) and 20 containers each weighing 400gm of NESTLE NAN OPTIPRO product of Mexico. Investigations ongoing to establish the main suspect.” said DCI

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