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Former NTV reporter Eunice Omollo begs for help, faces eviction

Former NTV reporter Eunice Omollo has turned to Kenyans seeking help amid her long battle with bipolar disorder.

Through a video shared shared online, the former reporter confirmed that she had transferred the care of her son given her current condition and seeks medical assistance.

‘I want to go to the hospital because now I am in my depressive state, those who have been following me know I have lived with bipolar for 19 years now,”  she said

She continued by revealing that she cannot live without medication which she can no longer afford as things stand.

According to Eunice Omollo, other than transferring care of her son, she now faces eviction from her house. “I need to sleep. I have not slept for days now,” she said

During her time at NTV, Eunice was the Health and Science Reporter and won several awards including the Africa Media Health Network Best TV and Overall Health Reporting AFP Awards in 2021.

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