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General Francis Ogolla laid to rest at his home in Siaya

General Francis Omondi Ogolla, the late Chief of Defence Forces was on Sunday laid to rest at his home in Ng’iya, Siaya County.

The ceremony which happened a few minutes past 3 pm saw the body of the late General wrapped in a piece of cloth before he was laid to rest as per his last wish.

Those in attendance at his final resting place were only accridated people who including his family, friends and top government officials including President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

A 19-gun salute followed as accorded to leaders of his level including the late Presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Arap Moi.

“The late General Francis Omondi Ogolla and I are strong believers in the will of God. We may not always understand it, but one thing is certain: We must accept it at all times, and obey it whenever required, without question, without doubt and without hesitation.

Certainly, our understanding is finite and, therefore, we shall never understand the timing, place and manner of the General’s passing, but for sure, the Almighty God’s will has been done.

To us, the General departed too soon, only a year after his rise to the apex of his career, and only a year or so before he entered what would have been a well-deserved retirement. To God, the moment was right, and the timing perfect for His servant to leave this world.

If I had known that General Ogolla would leave so soon, that would not have dissuaded me from appointing him to be our Chief of Defence Forces; not even if I had prior knowledge that he would be gone after a month or a week or a day.

Such was the General’s outstanding leadership calibre that he was a peerless and compelling choice, one that I will never regret making. His comprehensive and far-reaching vision for the transformation of our defence forces remains his legacy for his beloved nation.

It is my desire that the Kenya Defence Forces leadership coming after him see it through in honour of General Ogolla’s patriotism and professional genius. I also want to use General Ogolla’s life and example to speak to every citizen of Kenya as follows.

Every child of each one of our 46 communities is a full and equal citizen of this one nation that we all share. Each one of us, therefore, must work hard in pursuit of their dream, with confidence, and without any anxiety that any consideration, other than pure merit, will determine their access to opportunities everywhere in our Republic.

I knew that our nation was safe and secure with General Ogolla at the helm of our defence forces even if he did not come from my village or have a name like mine. It was enough that he was a qualified and patriotic professional of tremendous integrity.

This applies, and must always apply, to every professional in every position in Kenya, and there should never be any take of the right tribe and the wrong tribe because that is retrogressive, unconstitutional and repugnant to our values.

Therefore, wherever you are, and whatever your occupation, I commend to you General Ogolla’s fine example: Be the very best version of yourself. Aspire to make a positive contribution.

Always do the right things and do them well to the best of your ability. Love your country and serve her people without discrimination.” said President William Ruto

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