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Health CS insists that she will not resign over doctors strike

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha has insisted that she will not resign as called for by politicians and religious leaders due to the ongoing doctors strike.

The CS was speaking on Saturday where she said that the ongoing talks between the striking doctors and the government was heading in the right direction that will end the stalement.

“We already have new laws in place, except for the health workers issue that has come up which I find as a break for us to stop and look at how we are moving and whether there are places that we need to make corrections.

I am at work and working and I will continue working for Kenyans under the Kenya Kwanza government,” she said

She continued by terming the 2017 CBA signed by the government and the doctors union as a failed one but the government was determined to restore sanity in the proffession.

“Strikes over Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) have continued for the past years. The current strike is due to a failed CBA signed in 2017. However, this government is determined to bring sanity and put the last nail in the industrial actions in the health sector,” she said

The CS was speaking amid protest from the doctors, politicians and religious leaders that she should be sacked to restore services that have since caused been paralyzed.

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