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Gov’t to release DNA results of 429 Shakahola victims next week

The government has on Wednesday confirmed that they will release DNA results of 429 victims of the Shakahola massacre.

The news which was confirmed by Chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor will now allow families of the victims give their loved ones a proper burial ending months of grief not knowing when the exercise will be completed.

He continued by saying that the next phase of exhumation of the bodies will resume in March after having a sit down.

“We have not gotten the result of DNA but we understand that there are DNAs which are ready…I don’t know the number but I think in a week’s time we’re going to sit down and look at them then proceed to Malindi so that we can try release a number of bodies which have been identified,” said Dr. Oduor.

According to the pathologist, the main challenge they are facing is lack of corporation from families of the victims as they have linked the deaths to cultism thus slowing down the process.

“There were people who we could see just from looking that this person was starved to death based on how thin they were…upon autopsy body fats were diminished completely, there are organs which we usually look at and you can tell that this person was starving and we’re just noting them and documenting them for the purpose of helping the court in prosecution,” he said

Also speaking at the same function was Government Chemist Dr. John Mungai who warned those who kill and bury the bodies to conceal their crime saying that the government will catch up with them.

“Issues of crime investigations is not a laboratory solution, it starts from the crime scene itself and this personnel at the crime scene should be able to identify the evidential material…they should know how to package the evidential material and the issues of storage,” he said

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