Friday, July 19, 2024

Female Shakahola survivor released by government

The government has released a female Shakahola survivor without any charges after she appeared in court with a two-month old baby.

The unidentified woman was however taken to Port Reitz hospital for treatment so as to determine her mental illness as directed by the court. She is part of 66 people rescued by the police during the search and rescue operation.

The state noted that she is no longer being treated as a suspect after it was suspected that she is not the right mental shape to stand for trial.

“We no longer consider her a suspect. We urge for a review of her mental status before considering her release to the family,” said Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Jami Yamina.

They however confirmed that they will track the woman’s mental health before taking taking further decisions including the possibility of converting her to a state witness.

The news comes at a time when 40 bodies retrieved from the forest were positively linked with their families who were also alerted by the government. They however demand justice as they have suffered untold losses.

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