Monday, June 17, 2024

CS Nakhumicha welcomes court ruling on Social Health Fund

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha has welcomed the ruling by the Court of Appeal lifiting suspension orders on the Social Health Fund.

“I applaud the Court of Appeal for its swift decision greenlighting the implementation of the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF). This opens the door for a resilient healthcare system that perfectly aligns with the laid-out strategies for the enrollment of UHC,” said the CS

She continued by saying that the new fund will allow Kenyans make contributions following the suspension of the National Health Insurance Fund.

“The ruling instills confidence amongst millions of Kenyans who rely on the insurance fund to access medical services,” she said.

Issuing the verdict, the Court of Appeal noted that holding the suspension will deprive Kenyans not privy to the case suffer greatly from accessing health care as NHIF had already been scrapped off.

Even though the suspension has been lifted, the court has not lifted the suspension of three requirement including registration and contribution as the conditions for one to receive health, people will only receive health services when their contributions are up to date and where people will uniquely be identified for the purposes of receiving health services

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