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Hungarian President Katalin Novak resigns over child abuse scandal

Hungarian President Katalin Novak has reigned on live television following his recent pardon of a man accused of covering up a child sexual abuse scandal.

In her speech, Katalin said that Hungary is wonderful country and she is glad to have worked in the past years to raise awareness in the world.

“Today I resigned from my office as President of Hungary. Thank you for everything to all my friends in all four corners of the world. Hungary is is a wonderful country with marvelous people, a good partner, an even better friend and a reliable ally. I am glad that in the past years I could work to raise awareness of this in the world .” she said

Last week it was revealed that a man who had been jailed for forcing children to retract their statement accusing the director of state run children’s home of child sex abuse had been pardoned by the President.

The news led to protest leading to the President to issue a public apology terming the pardon a mistake.

Judit Varga, the former minister of justice has also stepped down from her position in leading the European elections campaign for Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling Fidesz party.

A total of 25 people had been pardoned by the President but due to Pope Francis’ visit to the country, the names of those pardoned were released by the media.

On the list was the deputy director of a children’s home near Budapest who had been sentenced to three years for forcing the children from retracting their statement over the scandal.

The director in the middle of the scandal in the government run facility had already been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Leading the protest for the resignation of President Katalin Novak were the opposition parties but the resignation was unexpected by many.

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