I was shocked when Will Smith referred me as his wife, Jada Pinket

Jada Pinket has revealed how shocked she was when Will Smith referred to her as his wife during the Oscar awards.

Speaking during an interview, Jada noted that they had not agreed on calling each other husband and wife only to hear it from Will Smith before slapping Chris Rock on stage.

According to the mother of two, the events left her confused and speechless as she confirmed that Chris Rock talked to her over the joke and that it was nothing personal.

The news is among several revelations the former TV actress has spilled lately. The first one on the list was that they have not been husband and wife since 2016.

In a separate interview, she revealed that the late hip hop legend was her soulmate and had proposed to her when he was locked at Rikers island.

The couple have made headlines for the wrong reasons with many accusing Jada Pinket of intentionally hurting Will Smith especially during the Red Table Talk where he revealed she was in an ‘entaglement’ with rapper August Alsina

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