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I will not bother to request them, says Raila on his security

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has confirmed that the government has not yet reinstated his security three months after they withdrew it.

Speaking during an interview with KTN News, Raila noted that he is entitled to security by law being the former Prime Minister.

“They withdrew my security and they have not returned it. I’ve not bothered to remind them or to complain but as you know my security is in the Act and is provided for by law.

It is discretionary to the government or to the presidency. They are there because of my duties as Prime Minister of this country. I’m entitled to retirement benefits and security is part of it but I will not bother to request them” he said

The Azimio boss continued by saying that he will not bother to request the government for his security as they know what they were doing from the beginning.

“They know they are the ones who took them away. Why ask? If they want to return them, they will return them.

Actually, you are suggesting I should go begging that they return security. They have their reasons why they removed my security and if those reasons no longer exist they’ll return them.” he said

According to Raila, he will not pursue the matter in court as he believes the Judiciary has been compromised. He however noted that his security is the people.

“I care about my security and I believe that there is somebody up there who looks after me so I’m not bothered. But my biggest security is the people that’s why I can go around walking in the streets without having problems,” said Raila

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