Friday, July 19, 2024

IG Japhet Koome accuses opposition of buying dead bodies

Inspector General (IG) of police Japhet Koome has on Tuesday accused the opposition of buying dead bodies following countrywide demonstrations.

Speaking from Kiganjo, Koome called out the opposition for using the dead bodies to claim police brutality when what they were doing was discharging their mandate.

His statement was reply by recent accusation from Azimio who called the Inspector General of issuing orders that saw tens of people die from alleged police brutality.

Azimio also confirmed to have sourced the intervention of ICC to deliver fair judgment to the family and friends of those affected by the recent demonstration.

They continued by revealing that they have collected enough evidence to prosecute those in power including videos and witness statements.

Visiting those affected by the demonstrations, Azimio promised to deliver justice to them including a solution to their demands.

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