Thursday, February 22, 2024

Jacque Maribe absent as court delivers judgement in Monica Kimani’s murder

Former Royal Media TV Presenter Jacque Maribe was no show in court during the delivery of judgement in Monica Kimani’s murder case.

Confirming the news were her lawyers who said that she fell ill in the morning but the judge ordered the she is produced in court for judgement.

This is the third time the court had set a day to deliver the verdict in the case as it had already postponed it in two different occasions.

The unfolding of the day had Kenyans speculating that the ruling will once again be postponed given the influence involved in the case.

Jowie stands as the prime suspect placed at the scene of crime by detectives and Jacque Maribe who was his lover at the time stands as an accomplice accused of abetting and concealing crucial evidence.

It will be remembered that at the time of the news, Maribe was still a presenter at Citizen TV and even broke the news to the world before her arrest.

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