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KBC MD reveals before parliament missing tittle deeds

On Friday, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Acting Managing Director Samual Maina revealed before Parliament they corporation is sitting on a land that they do not own.

Maina who was referring to the corporation’s headquarter told Parliament that the land they are sitting on is registered under a different name.

The Public Investments Committee on Social Services Administration and Agriculture wanted to understand ownership of the land under KBC.

It was revealed before the committee that the corporation only has 8 tittle deeds out of the 40 acres parcel of land they own raising many questions more than answers.

Today as we speak, it is difficult to tell how much land KBC owns and how secure the land is. A report for the period covering the years 2010/2011 cited a lack of titles, yet 12 years down the line, there is still no progress to remedy the situation. These revelations are a threat to government land” said the committee chair Hon. Emanuel Wangwe

According to the MD, they are in the process of securing tittle deeds of most of the land they own. In addition to that, they have secure all parcels of land including those with transmitters.

“Chair, we have fenced our land and also provided police protection. We do this because we have transmitters on this land. For instance, our Jamuhuri, Meru, and Nyambene parcels of land are well secured” he said

The question into the said parcels of land will continued with Parliament seeking to understand why they were not brought up during the audit process.

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