Nairobi County MCAs raise concern over city revenue collection

Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCA) have raised concern over transparency and accountability of the city revenue.

According to the MCAs led by the Energy and ICT Committees noted that even Governor Johson Sakaja lacks access to the system when they are collecting the revenue on behalf of the county government.

“It is instructive that we found a complete lack of transparency in the entire manner in which the Nairobi County’s revenue is being collected, reported and accounted for,” said Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai

Alai continued by saying that the revelation means that the CEC for Finance and other county bosses are helpless over the issue and it must stop.

“CEC for Finance is helpless and even the Chief Officer and Directors aren’t aware what is happening. This must stop!” he said

According to the MCAs, their is no valid contract between the Nairobi City County and Nairobi Revenue System(NRS). They continued by saying that the county is not aware of the number of bank accounts operated to collect the revenue.

“When the Nairobi Metropolitan term expired (NMS), all functions ought to have been reversed to the County Government, yet very suspicions, there are concerns or sub-contraction of revenue collection by KRA then to Nairobi Revenue System in unclear and un-procedural way,” read the statement by the MCAs

The news comes at a time when EACC has highlighted Nairobi as one the counties with deficits in their revenue collection system.

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