Former Chinese PM Li Keqiang dies of a heart attack

Former Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has died on Friday at the age of 68 years following a heart attack.

Confirming his death was CCTV who noted that efforts to revive him failed and was confirmed dead 10 minutes past midnight.

“Comrade Li Keqiang, while resting in Shanghai in recent days, experienced a sudden heart attack on Oct. 26 and after all-out efforts to revive him failed, died in Shanghai at ten minutes past midnight on Oct. 27,” read the statement

The once  top Communist Party leadership contender had been left in the shadows by President Xi Jinping who has tightened his grip on power.

Even though Keqiang’s idea of the country’s market was different, he was forced to support President Xi Jinping’s state control system which has sharply turned things around in China.

In his last speech back in March and after a decade of being in the cabinet, the 68-year-old said that the country will continuously expand.

“No matter how the international winds and clouds change, China will unswervingly expand its opening up.” said Li

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