Iraq Christian wedding fire kills 100 people

At least 100 people are feared dead and 150 injured after a hall packed with guest during a Christian wedding in Iraq caught fire.

The incident which has been shared widely on social media revealed how fireworks at the event caused the inferno. Authorities have warned that the number of fatalities could rise.

Building materials have also been faulted for causing the fire disrupting a rare Christian wedding in Hamdaniya area. So far no official confirmation on the cause has been revealed by authorities.

Survivors of the incident were rushed to various hospital wrapped in bandages with some receiving oxygen. Ambulance sirens rented the air as they worked hard to save as many people as possible.

It is also not clear whether the bride and groom survived the incident with the last footage showing their last moment where they were in shock as the fire consumed the place.

“There were about to do a slow dance and then they lit up this thing for the dance which caught fire,” revealed one of the injured guests.

Health officials have confirmed some of those injured suffered serious burn wounds between 50-60% but they were working hard to provide the best care for them.

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