Sunday, May 26, 2024

Robert Alai calls for the arrest of woman who assaulted a guard

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has called on the arrest of a woman caught on tape assaulting a female guard in Nyayo, Nairobi.

According to Alai, the woman assaulting the guard had separated from the husband who now lives in the US.

But the husband in the US apparently has a lot of information as to who the wife is hosting at the house.

It is due to the information that the woman assaulted the guard on suspicion that she has been leaking the information to then husband.

“Confirmed from my residents in Nyayo and the bosses of the lady. The woman beating the guard separated from her husband who is based in the US.

The husband in the US has lots of information about what is happening in the compound and who his wife is hosting.

Woman assaulted the guard over suspicion that she leaks information to the husband. The woman should be arrested for assault and causing body harm.” said Alai

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