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Nigerian police sentenced to death for killing pregnant lawyer

A police officer in Nigeria has been sentenced to death by a court for shooting a pregnant lawyer back in December 2022.

The murder trial of Drambi Vandi has elicited sharp reactions on the death penalty verdict as human rights groups urge the government to remove the old rulling.

Vandi is accused of shooting Bolanle Raheem, the pregnant lawyer with twins at close range, allegations that the suspect denied.

Appearing before the court, the police officer noted that the bullet presented before the court was not from his gun.

“The court found the defendant guilty on one count of murder. You will be hanged by the neck till you are dead,”¬†said the judge precising over the case. Vandi reserves the right to appeal the verdict.

The news comes at a time when Nigerian police have also been accused of torture, harassments and killings, allegations that those in higher positions have denied.

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