Tuesday, June 25, 2024

KEBS declares gov’t cooking oil unfit for human consumption

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has declared the Kenya Kwanza cooking oil unfit for human consumption as seen through a letter addressed to the Managing Director of the Kenya National Trading Corporation.

Through the letter, KEBS requested the consignment to be sent back to the country of origin within 30 days failure in which the consignment will be destroyed at the expense of the importer.

“The consignments have been rejected and the importer is hereby advised to reship them back to the country of origin within 30 days from the date of this letter, failure to which they shall be destroyed at the importer’s cost.

Kenya Bureau of Standards subjected consignments entry number 23MBAIM402473344, 23MBAIM403321628, and 23MBAIM403235943 to test against the Kenya Standardization Specification for Fortified Edible Oils and Fats.

The results established that the consignments failed to comply in Vitamin A and Insoluble Impurities.” said KEBS

According to a report form KEBS, the consignment’s fat content was 99.97 instead of the required 99.5 content level and same was the acid level which was way above the required quantity.

The 125,000 MT of edible oil which had been passed by the government in its first meeting was meant to lower the cost of living but its price was manipulated making it uncompetitive in the market.

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