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Kenya is not at war with its neighbours, says Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has rubbished off claims that Kenya is at war with its neighbours as he called on the media to stop the allegations.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary who was speaking in Busia County where he had accompanied President William Ruto noted that Kenya has been on the forefront advocating for peace among its East African neighbours.

“Kenya is not at war with any of its neighbours. In fact, President Ruto is on the frontline in bringing peace to the region. Counties are quarrelling and the president has been determined to see peace reigns in these countries, because if they fight then the war will reach us,” he said

The statements follows speculations of tension between Kenya and its neighbours Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the most recent case, Kenya Airways was barred from entering Tanzania in a retaliatory attack to Kenya who had barred Air Tanzania cargo plane from conducting its operations in the country.

The response was quickly from the Prime CS who is also the Foreign Affairs CS before both sides agreed to smooth business operations.

Uganda on the other side moved to the East African Court of Justice demanding Uganda National Oil Corporation (Unoc) to be issued with a license to operate in the country.

An alleged tension with the rebel fighters in DR Congo saw Kinshasa recall their ambassador.

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