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Kenyans demand justice for Dorris Tado facing domestic violence

Kenyans have ganged up online demanding justice for Dorris Tado who is facing domestic violence from lover Raymond Nduga.

Sharing receipt of previous incidents, Dorris could been seen lying on the floor and at some instances she is reported to have passed out and later recovered.

What baffles many is that after the beating, Dorris has allegedly been begging Raymond for a reunion as flaunted by Raymond who shared some of her messages as he laughed in the bankground.

“It’s not love. It’s trauma bond and it’s Dorris Everlyne Tado who can decide to leave. I have been following Raymond Nduga for a while and I have seen him publicly distracting this woman but she still goes back. The guy has abused this woman’s family including her parents but she still defends him everytime.

I feel so bad for Doris. Physical, emotional and financial abuse is a monster. I hope she recovers and realise she’s worth more than what she is going through.” said Maurine Min Derrick on Facebook

“Turns out he beats her up, takes pictures and posts on his Facebook! Then chases her out of his life but she calls and begs to get back together. I don’t understand !!Anataka kufa?” said Njambi Fever

In one disturbing video, the lover could been seen slapping the lady mercilessly at a restaurant infront of another person who did nothing to stop it.

Disclaimer: Due to the graphic nature of the photos and videos, News Moto could not publish them here.

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