Monday, June 17, 2024

Kevin Kang’ethe, suspect in US airport murder escapes from jail

Kevin Kang’ethe, the man accused of killing his girlfriend at an airport in the US before fleeing to Kenya has escaped from Muthaiga Police Station in Nairobi.

The incident which is yet to comprehended by Kenyans and has exposed the security of the country saw the murder suspect escape from jail on Wednesday at 5:30 pm, chased in broad daylight by the police who failed to re-arrest him.

In the bizarre incident, a man who identified himself as John Maina Ndegwa arrived at the station and requested to speak to the accused who he claimed to be his client.

Since he introduced himself as the lawyer, he was allowed to talk to him in a different identified as anti-crime office number 3. No sooner had the meeting began than the suspect escaped causing commotion at the station.

A chase ensued along Thika Super Highway but the officers failed to re-arrest him despite being armed.

“At the time of the escape the station commander Chief Inspector Esther Muchomba was chairing a meeting/lecture with all the Anti-crime personnel and members of inspectorate while at her office, she was alerted by a loud noise of officers who were chasing the prisoner along Thika Super Highway but they did not manage to re-arrest him,” read a report from the station

As his search commences, a Nairobi court had already granted the police 30 days to detain him before it is decided whether he will be extradited to the US or not.

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